With 4 years experience we have quickly established ourselves as being one of the most price competitive company's in sourcing, selling and re-positioning classic cars globally.

As classic cars continue to rise in value, more and more enthusiasts are investing in cars from their childhood. With many traditional investments generating little excitement beyond their return, a classic car can offer an alternative that is a lot more enjoyable. After all, you can't take your conventional investment out for a Sunday drive!

For certain marques such as Land Rover & Range Rover pre 1995 we are able to offer servicing, maintenance, repairs and restoration. We have an established relationship with a Guy Salmon technician who worked on the same cars when they were new.

Historically the Classic Car Market celebrated the limited high-end, bespoke marques such as Lamborghini's & Ferrari's. However today's market has diversified, resulting in a sector that offers investors, collectors and enthusiasts a varied portfolio. That can include iconic cars that changed history, from the humble Range Rover, to cars that changed transportation forever such as the Fiat Cinquecento.


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